• Certificates For Silicone Product Export

    Although silicone products are relatively environmentally friendly, like other products, they still require environmental and safety certification. For example, gum, silicone baby bibs, and kitchen utensils, what certification qualifications do these silicone products need to pass in order to ent...
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  • Use Of Silicone Product

    Use Of Silicone Product

    Silicone is a widely used material in various industries. Its unique physical and chemical properties make it an ideal choice for various applications, including healthcare, automotive, electronics, architecture, and so on. In the medical industry, silicone products are widely used due to their l...
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  • Dongguan Invotive Plastic Company in Hongkong Show

    Dongguan Invotive Plastic Company in Hongkong Show

    Dongguan Invotive Plastic Company is proud to announce our participation in the upcoming Global Sources Home & Kitchen Show. The event will be held at the AsiaWorld-Expo HongKong from April 18th to April 21st. We are excited to showcase our latest silicone products and services to industry pr...
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  • Celebrating the completion of relocation

    Celebrating the completion of relocation

    Dongguan Invotive Company relocated the factory in January and completed in March.   We are excited to announce that our company is relocating to a brand-new factory that is bigger, better, and more efficient. This move marks a major milestone in our growth and development, and we believe it...
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  • Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product Co.,Ltd will conduct the factory admission on 15th Dec

    Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product Co.,Ltd will conduct the factory admission on 15th Dec We are excited to announce that Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product Co.,Ltd has successfully passed several critical factory inspections, demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility and high-quality m...
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  • Meeting customers at the Canton Fair

    Meeting customers at the Canton Fair: The Success of Our Silicone Kitchenware and Children’s Products The Canton Fair is one of the largest trade fairs in China, attracting visitors and exhibitors from all around the world. As a manufacturer of top-quality silicone kitchenware and children&...
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  • Canton fair invitation from Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product C.,Ltd

    Dear valued customers, We are thrilled to extend our sincerest invitation to you to visit our booth at the upcoming second phase of the Canton Fair. We are excited to announce that there will be new product releases and a range of exquisite gifts waiting for you! The Canton Fair is a prestigious ...
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  • Professional Manufacturer of Silicone Soap Molds

    Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product Co.,Ltd : Offering Low Minimum Order Quantity, Fast Delivery, and Customized Options for soap mold When it comes to creating beautiful and unique soap creations, having the right tools and molds is essential. This is where a professional manufacturer of silicone ...
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  • We have been made new silicone oven protector mat sample

    Samples of the New Silicone Oven Protector Have Been Released, Offering Customizability and Durability Our company is proud to announce the release of our new silicone oven protector, designed to revolutionize your baking experience. With the ability to customize the size and thickness according ...
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  • Why silicone product turn white when pulled ?

    Is Silicone a Food-Grade Material That Turns White after Being Pulled? did they food safe ? Silicone has become a staple material in various fields due to its flexibility, heat resistance, and versatility. It is commonly used in kitchen utensils, baking mats, baby products, medical implants, and ...
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  • Vom test for silicone foldable cup

          Understanding the Importance of the VOM Test in Silicone Folding Bowl Manufacturing Introduction: There is an increasing demand for high-quality and safe kitchenware products globally. Manufacturers are constantly striving to meet the highest standards to ensure their product...
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  • Mega show invitation for new silicone product 3G-G10 from 20th to 23th Oct

    Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product Co., Ltd will be attending the Mega show in Hong Kong from 20th to 23rd October. This highly anticipated exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to explore new products and network with key players in the market. As we prepare to s...
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